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Tenzoterma s.r.o.


Topoľčianska 19, 851 05 Bratislava


+421 2/ 63 811 295
+421 2/ 63 822 363


+421 2/ 63 822 363


Tenzoterma s. r. o.

The Tenzoterma company, founded in 1993, is focused on production of level-meters, meters of pressure, temperature and flow. All our products are patented. Their attributes pose european and world standard, but for beatable prices.

Level-meters and meters of pressure are misplaced on tensometric principle with using sensors of Motorola company. Thermometers are misplaced on termic-depended resistance Pt100. Electonic circuits are manufactured hybrid technology classical components and components SMD. It is resulting in small dimensions, wide functional possibilities and high reliability. Mention low voltage - from 8V. Calibration is done with pressure normals sworned by meterological institute.

The most momentous parameters are precision, temperature stability, reliable tightness and resistance for leaking into. For ensuring demanded attributes we implement offset, gain temperature compensation and linearizating of output signal. Mechanical part is secured double-barreled tightness. Cover for probe is made of polish stainless steel material, which is ensuring long life, reliable security and good look.

Moreover, we offer as subdelivery display devices, which can be used for displaying and regulation technological processes. For ensuring high reliability and security of static electricity and induced voltages, we suply our customers with overvoltage shileds.

Sucessful using our level-meters, meters of pressure and temperature at many places in Slovakia and abroad is a mark of quality. Our long development and production way we get many valuable experiences.

We want to by your reliable and fast supplier of demanded products too.


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  2. production, manufacturing electro,hw,sw electrotechnical machines and equipments measuring and regulation technique
  3. construction industry sale furnishing of construction site water,gas, heating heating thermometers
  4. construction industry sale furnishing of construction site air conditioning technology regulation machines
  5. retail, wholesale, distribution, repurchase equipment of operations population services operation measuring and regulation technique
  6. machine-building general machine industry sell instruments and tools controlers

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